About Integral

A track record for results


Established in 2003, Integral Wealth Securities Limited is a private, independent, IIROC-licenced investment dealer headquartered in Toronto. The firm operates from 7 offices, including Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. Integral’s private client group is comprised of experienced advisors who provide sophisticated wealth management solutions to affluent individuals and families. The firm’s capital markets group, Integral Capital Markets, has established capabilities in market making, energy banking and private capital solutions. Integral Capital Markets also works closely with institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors who seek attractive risk adjusted returns through participation in equity / debt investments in both the public / private markets.

By virtue of prohibiting internally managed financial products, Integral operates an ‘open-architecture’ organization that fosters objective advice, improved transparency and access to best-in-class products and solutions for clients.





To eliminate a key potential conflict of interest with our private clients, Integral prohibits internally managed financial products. In fact, Integral is an ‘open architecture’ firm. This means we seek out the best investment managers, financial products and specialty solutions from across the investment industry, irrespective of the source. Our advisors can freely recommend the best strategies and investments for our private clients, unencumbered by internal selling pressures or skewed compensation incentives.

Our capital markets professionals operate in an environment that promotes uncompromised, candid advice for corporate and institutional clients. This environment is a function of company culture, which emphasizes transparency and factual accuracy, but also the financial structure of the firm. Cost-efficient operations coupled with a strong base of recurring revenues limit the firm’s reliance on transaction-based investment banking revenue. This affords us the financial flexibility to be highly selective when it comes to the quality of the companies, assignments and transactions we take on. Freed from pressure to execute weak or ill-advised transactions simply to generate a fee, our capital markets professionals can focus on those transactions most likely to generate positive financial outcomes for both issuers and investors.



Integral has no ownership ties to any bank, mutual fund or life insurance company. Independent ownership encourages thinking that is independent of the ‘herd’, a critical advantage in helping clients meet their goals in today’s volatile world. Our private client advisors have built their professional practices along independent lines, each suited to the needs of a particular client profile or a particular local market. Integral does not impose pre-packaged solutions on its advisors or it clients. Our advisors are empowered by the firm to provide advice and solutions that are tailored to each client’s particular situation.

Integral’s capital markets group works with a small group of high quality companies, allowing our professionals the time to acquire a deep, intimate knowledge of their operations as well as the market dynamics for their securities. This knowledge base, coupled with a collaborative culture, builds the conviction required to tackle financing and advisory challenges creatively. The capacity to move beyond template-based solutions is a key enabler of superior deal execution.



During regular reviews with our private clients, most Integral advisors measure financial outcomes relative to a range of client goals established in a financial plan. Beyond the client’s targets for portfolio performance, these goals might include tax efficiency, insuring against certain risks, or shielding assets. Measurement against stated goals imposes a healthy discipline on our advisors, making him or her accountable for the efficacy of the advice provided to private clients.

In the capital markets sphere, we invite you to examine our track record of deal execution and the success of our issuer clients in creating investor value. We have enjoyed success working collaboratively with our corporate and institutional clients in achieving specific goals. We also recognize that client accountability is really put to the test when the objective for a transaction is not fully met, irrespective of the cause. Unanticipated challenges must be expected. In these instances, continued commitment and resources are required to ‘find a way to win’. We do not turn our backs on clients who have committed to us.